Speed, effectiveness, and efficiency are our primary points.

Tritan Point is located in a strategic area and has a vast parking spot and an accessible row.

Our Story

Tritan point is a smart warehouse system, a solution offered by Tanrise Property to support corporations adapting itself towards digital era. As we know, e-commerce and on-demand goods require a sustainable warehouse system to cater to the end-to-end supply chain. Tritan Point will accommodate your procurement, production and connectivity efficiently.

Since 2003, we are here to be the best partner to advance your business, eliminating barriers in distribution blocks. This strong commitment from Tanrise Property successfully doubled the number of our Smart Warehouse. Up to 2021, the number of Tritan Point multiplied into 10, scattered on the largest cities in indonesia.

Organized by Estate Management

To create an excellent industrial environment, it takes good management. Therefore, our professional Estate team will continue to maintain the quality and facility on the area.

We are ready to be your partner!

Let us be part of the history of your business development.

Our Clients