& Facility

Ready Unit

Units ready to operate is one of the advantages of Tritan Point. You could have immediately optimized the unit to maximize your business potential.

Strategic Location

Tritan Point is located on Strategi location. It makes the connection more effortless and easier to reach. Heading to the business area is much closer.

Wide Loading Space

Your Loading process will be easier and done faster due to the wide Row and the vast loading site.

Flood-free and Traffic free Zone

Located in Wedi area, it made Tritan Point warehouse area free from flood and traffic.

Licenses for the Light Industries

Tritan Point has a pocketed license for light industry operations, not just a storage place or a warehouse.

Bagged HGB Certificated & Complete Clearance

We are the best partner to advance your business because Tritan Point has HGB certificate, permission, and ready to use.

Load Capacity up to 1 ton/m2

Tritan Point has a larger area and a high ceiling that makes the storage area, so it’s wider to accommodate a ton of m2.

Organized by Estate Management

Modern warehouses accentuates ease and efficiency. To support the philosophy, our professional Estate team will continue to maintain the quality and facility on the area.

One Gate system

The warehouse area will be safer because of the one gate system facility. That system will record every activity that comes to give a sense of security for Your business.

Utility Ready

Every unit of Tritan Point has been equipped with a network of electricity and clean water that can help You improve your business’s potential.

Office included

Tritan Point also comes with the office that is integrated with Your warehouse. Your business activity will be more effective and efficient.

24 Hours security

The security system works 24 hours in real-time, integrated with CCTV scattered in every corner, providing the best safety a warehouse can offer. Activities in the warehouse will be more comfortable.

Huge Parking Area

With a spacious parking area, You can freely develop Your business. Because the activity of loading and unloading can be done more quickly and effectively.